Our skipper

Our trusted skipper is called Marko and he has over ten years’ experience as a skipper. He is fully licensed and extremely experienced so you’ll feel completely safe in his capable hands.

Marko is a very friendly demeanour, he is approachable and genuinely passionate about what he does. He speaks good English so he is able to help with any queries you may have and can give you any additional information you need. 

He is very knowledgeable about the region and is able to offer his excellent insights throughout your time on the boat. Throughout your tour he will continue to be attentive and caring so you can feel safe and relaxed the entire time you’re onboard.

If you’ve got any questions during your journey whether about the location or the boat, please don’t be afraid to ask him. Marko is always happy to help in any way he can. Your safety and fun is his (and our) number one priority, so if at any point during your boat ride you feel that there is a problem, please do let him know.